On-Demand Drone Insurance

Instant. Clear. Flexible

Plan your flight

- View your flight zone with our best-in-class risk map
- Avoid potential risks (roads, TFRs, airports and other hazards)
- Get real-time hourly quote
- LAANC access available via AirMap integration

Real-time control

Connect your DJI drone and fly with SkyWatch’s Flight module to receive real-time warnings, such as flying over roads, flying out of bounds, low battery warnings, and many other signals that are crucial for having a safe flight.

Fly safe - Pay less

View and analyze your flight, see how safe you flew and get our proprietary Safety Score so you can improve on your next flight. As you ramp up your Safety Score and gain insurance experience, you get discounts on your next flight, up to 50% off.

Our insurance

How do safer pilots pay less?

Flying with SkyWatch gives you a unique Safety Score for each flight. Pilots that have a history of over 5 flights with a good Safety Score are eligible for an automatic discount on their future policies.

Is SkyWatch an insurance company?

SkyWatch is a licensed drone insurance broker (agent).
We partnered with top-of-the-line insurance companies to create the world's first pay-how-you-fly insurance, giving you the best possible coverage.

Do I have to buy insurance to use SkyWatch?

Buying our drone insurance is optional. You can use SkyWatch's Map & Flight Module to fly and see potential risks and hazards in real-time completely free, regardless of insurance.

Which states does SkyWatch cover?

You can fly with SkyWatch anywhere in the world. However, insurance is currently available to US citizens in over 45 states.

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